Life is Good in Toronto!

Travel to Toronto started on Friday, July 15th for the GWN Sport Regatta on Saturday. We love our dragon boat friends in Canada and the venue at Marilyn Bell Park. We did not love the traffic on the Peace Bridge. But we endured and arrived at our destination. The centrally located Bond Place Hotel was ideal for easy walking to dinner and the square that is busy, busy, busy!

The day was promising. We all made it to the race site, pitched our tent, set up our chairs, and got ready to race. Excellent organization, skilled teams, and a thriving group of community paddlers made this a fun day. Watching the races just steps from our camp site and participating in five races filled our day.

Beautiful Venue

Beautiful Venue

The highlight for our team is the 2K race. Despite being underestimated by our steersman causing us to slow down to avoid a penalty, we passed two boats and held off a third. We always do it, surprise people….

Dinner was a convivial event at Joey Eaton’s. Food. Wine. Friends. Life is Good!


A trip to the Distillery District on Friday night and a genuine Jewish breakfast on Sunday morning.

Many thanks to Lisa, Marty, and Laurie. Great paddlers and all around good people.

photo credits: Merle, Kathy B., & Anne