Bucking Up at Bucks

September 22. Third year now at this great race. Again, two teams registered. Again, lots of cross rostering. Again, we bucked up and were satisfied with our performance. Ok, maybe the women’s final was not our best. But we were in the A MAJOR FINAL and up against premier women’s teams that were not cross rostering. Looking back on the times, we would have had third if we could have pulled off our second race time in the final. But the bonus was coming in third in the 2K!

And the mixed team. Great times! 2:21.25 in the A Minor Final for second place. This was accomplished with only 5 men in our boat!

Paddlefish at Bucks 2018

Paddlefish at Bucks 2018

Some special notes of appreciation: Nat, Lori, and Bob were amazing organizers of the day. Our new paddlers Kathy McH, Debbie, and Katy were real troupers. No slacking on their part.

Thanks to our great steersman for skillful maneuvering in windy conditions.

Cheers to our support team!! Chuck McH……a most reliable water boy with a rapid promotion to manning the clipboard. Photo credits to Adam. And Lou braving the late day drive to get his newbie wife to the race.

We are proud. We are awesome. We are lucky to be on this great team.


Stay tuned for more pictures.