Deer Alert in the Poconos

The P’fish participated in their second race of the season at Lake Wallenpaupack in Hawley Pennsylvania on June 24. This area is so beautiful but most notable, the deer were everywhere. The locals say that when you see an oncoming car flashing lights it means deer not police. Most were grazing peacefully on the roadsides but we were always on high alert.

The venue was hard to find since it was nestled behind the Visitors Center. Once there, the team all pitched in to set up tents and chairs.


Three 200 meter races. The team got the Silver!! We had a new stroke and a new drummer but we learned a ton and were happy with the day. Coach, as usual, was very inspiring. Many thanks to Hearts of Steel for helping us fill the few vacant seats. What a great group of women.

Accommodations were scatted around the area. Several of us stayed at Lake Mok A Tek Inn. “The Oasis of Peace”. A throw back to old fashioned motel days. Only 7 rooms on a lake which was home to many frogs (to the delight of the team) and a fabulous sunset. The owner, Seth, was charming and both he and his wife attended the race. How sweet is that. If you are ever in the area be sure to stay there!!

The evening topped off with a gathering at one of the member’s rental. Too much food, a fire pit, S’mores, and good conversation. Nice to get to know our newer members better. What a bunch….we love their enthusiasm and committment.

A Little Wet, A Little Sweat, & A Lot of Fun!!