Lake Arthur Regatta Redux

The Lake Arthur Regatta was on Saturday, August 1st, but the prep work started weeks before. Schedule set, buoys sprayed “international orange”, trailer and hitch readied, volunteers lined up. The dragon boats are temporarily ¬†stored at the other boathouse, Washington’s Landing, while construction is being done at Millville. Getting two 44 foot long, 600 pound boats onto a trailer takes skill, precision, strength, and steel nerves. Although the docks at Washington’s Landing are not dragon boat friendly, the able Friday boat loading Paddlefish volunteers were able to complete this job with just one small fumble.

For the hour long trip to Moraine State Park, the boats needed to be securely cinched to the trailer using ratchet tie down straps. We got two of the three straps where they should be, but the third strap seemed to be resolutely bonded at the hooks. So the strap was passed from person to person without success. Then out came the tools. First a cinder block to bang the thing open, then a huge wrench deal, hammers, etc…… No use! Our best men and women were on the job. We finally disconnected the winch and got it on securely. The boats were ready to go early the next morning.

Boats were put in at the ramp and paddled to the site where the heads and tails were attached and camp was set up. The Paddlefish are a well oiled machine!

And the fun was underway.

And Mina tried her hand at drumming.

Drumming looks good on Mina

Drumming looks good on Mina

But here is the cuteness that did not stop!

And lots of activities.

Time to pack up and go home! Loading the boats from the lake was so much easier than last year. The benefit of practice. The problem with the hitches? Solved with a flick of Jim B’s wrist. How does he do that?

We have such an agile, able, energetic group of men on our team. Amen to that!!!