Mercer Madness!


The Paddlefish participated in the final race of a busy season on September 13, 2014 at Mercer County Dragon Boat Festival in Princeton NJ. Rain and chilly weather did not deter the P’fish from their mission. The good news was that we were in Division A. The bad news was that we were in Division A. Seems that we have gotten good enough to be with the elite class of paddlers but, although we were competitive, we did not medal.

We came out fighting in the first heat, a 500m qualifying race and took first. Usually the first race is not our best, but we were ready¬†with Ada’s energetic warm ups. Bernie, our steerer, was masterful with calls, had a calm and reassuring presence, and a great feel for the water. We won by .01 seconds. The rest of the day we fought to win but, alas, our competition was too tough, too young, with too many men. But we were satisfied! Here we were, barking with the big dogs! Yahoo!!!!!!!!