Pfish & the Pandemic Blues

We are not alone. 2020 has put a real damper on dragon boating activities world-wide. Despite the tumult caused by the scourge of COVID and the political divide, we are able to eke out some positives. Here are a few lemons that we turned into lemonade. So far our team has remained healthy and we hope this continues. We realize we are more fortunate than many, and for that we give thanks.

Down: Retirement of Coach Bob.

Up: Coach Laurie springs into action.

Down: Cancelled races.

Up: Individually focused training with four paddlers in our boat.

Down: Social Distancing.

Up: Open air meetings.

Down: Perfect water & weather conditions for race training.

Up: The outrigger canoes.

Down: Gym closed. Boat to bed at Washington’s Landing.

Up: A clean boat! Zoom workouts!

So as this year comes to a close, we will endure!! The Paddlefish are hopeful that our activities can resume in the spring. Until then we continue to workout together (but apart) three times a week.

If you have not joined us, you should. A recent quote from James Clear says it all “The best exercise for gaining strength is not missing workouts.”

Teamwork. Camaraderie. Power.

Coach Emeritus Bob. Always something up his sleeve.

Laurie approaches coaching seamlessly.

Four in a boat…..lots of technique work.

Open Air Team Meetings

Perfect weather for paddling.

Group Boat Cleaning. Good night dear dragon boat.